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Our Story

In 2002 we went on a backpacking trip around the world. Out on our own for the first time carrying everything we needed in our packs was a wonderful experience.


We loved the freedom, seeing new places, becoming citizens of the world. Soon into our journey we realised we needed clothes that would be comfortable, light and versatile - stuff that you could wear Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica out on the trail or out on the town, unable to find any, we made up our minds to design them ourselves (as soon as we got back!).


Coming from a fashion design background we are not only focused on the fit, styling and detailing of every garment but also the technical needs and material technologies required to base the fundamentals of the range of our gear.



Our Manifesto

We are inspired by nature and the world around us.
We believe exploration is not just for the select few but for everyone; that it's a state of mind not a checklist; that every day can be an adventure if you're willing to try new things; that everyone should follow their own path.
Vigilante - Follow your own path.


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